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How to decorate a house for the New Year? Secrets from professionals

We all come from childhood, and no matter how old we are, we continue to enjoy the first snow, fragrant tangerines, and look forward to the New Year holidays. We all untangled the garland and hung the New Year's rain, admired the bright toys on the Christmas tree, and the sound of firecrackers and flying confetti is forever associated with the New Year and the Christmas tree!

On the eve of the holidays, we prepare our homes: we decorate the Christmas tree, put a Christmas wreath on the door... It's a great time to spend with your children and family.

If you want to pamper yourself with real fairy-tale decor and bright lights, then the question arises: How else can you decorate your home for the New Year to pleasantly surprise your family and friends, guests and passers-by with incredible beauty. Of course, this is where the idea of outdoor New Year's decorations and lighting the house with a bright garland comes in!

новорічне освітлення будинків
освітлення будинку на новий рік

How to choose materials?

If you are decorating a Christmas tree and decorating the interior of your home on your own, you will usually need a team of professionals with experience to light the building, because, first of all, the lighting must be of high quality and safe for you and others. The lighting garlands should be not only bright and beautiful, but also of high quality and resistant to weather conditions and temperature changes.

SPECTRSTORE - is a team that offers turnkey New Year's home lighting!

We combine architectural lighting with festive garlands to achieve an unrivaled and impressive effect. Then not only the building is illuminated with New Year's illumination, but also the design of the building itself is favorably emphasized, which, in turn, allows you to draw attention to the advantages and hide the disadvantages. Another interesting thing is that the process of our creative work around your house is hidden from the client's eyes. You will get an unexpectedly good result in a short time. Well, let us tell you the secret of how everything happens! You don't have to think about how to decorate your house for the New Year.

You don't need to go anywhere, just give us a call and we will come to take measurements and agree on the details.  

Upon arrival, our designers will create a visual proposal just for you, and after approval, the lighting will be installed.  And now, the fabulous spectacle in your backyard is ready! Safe and high-quality New Year's lighting for your home and territory is at your service.  By the way, we use a new generation of lamps that are not only bright, but also energy-saving and resistant to various factors such as temperature and weather conditions.

Don't forget the most important thing - decorate the door for the New Year

While our company is decorating your home, you, like real wizards, should take care of the appearance of your front door, because it is a business card of yourself! You can make such Christmas tree decorations with your own hands or buy them at New Year's fairs. It is best to make such a wreath to match the color of your home decor. This is a great opportunity to give free rein to your unbridled creativity and involve your family. After all, the most valuable time is the time we spend together! On the Internet, you can find ideas for creating New Year's wreaths.

новорічне освітлення будинків
новорічне освітлення будинків
новорічне освітлення будинків
новорічне освітлення будинків

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