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Illumination of facades. Architectural lighting in Lviv

Architectural facade lighting can probably be distinguished as a form of contemporary art. A building that looks unremarkable in the daytime can be amazing and unforgettable at night! Have you noticed how the illuminated facade of a building plays with light and shadow? Faceless columns become majestic! And the balconies seem to freeze in a curtsy. There are many ways to describe this play of light, but it is best to see it! One of our works and our pride is the Lviv National Opera and Ballet Theater.


Here's what you need to know about facade lighting:

  • Any object is handled by a team of professionals, where everyone plays a key role, where the designer's vision and lighting design, engineering and human psychological perception of the final result are combined.  

  • An important indicator of high-quality lighting is energy-saving and weather- and temperature-resistant lamps. 

  • Such new generation lamps are LED lights. They can be of a wide variety of colors, and they are our tireless assistants in lighting facades.

What kind of facade or building can be illuminated? Any of them! These can be private houses and high-rise buildings, temples, banks, hotels, shopping and office centers!
  • Local or accent lighting of facades. 

It helps to highlight the main elements of architectural objects.  And this is realized by LED facade lighting fixtures with directional light;  

  • General lighting.  

It is usually used for general lighting of buildings and structures. Its main goal is the general perception of the object. To do this, it is enough to use powerful floodlights that are installed on the ground or on nearby buildings. This type of outdoor lighting is relevant for large architectural structures;  

  • Hidden artistic lighting.  

The uniqueness of this type of architectural lighting is that it is achieved with the help of facade luminaires that are hidden from human eyes. This technology allows specialists to implement projects of unprecedented beauty, transforming the facades of buildings and structures beyond recognition;

  • Silhouette or background lighting of architectural objects.

It is used where it is necessary to emphasize structural outlines. These projects are implemented by installing floodlights on the back of the building; 

  • Contour street lighting of the facade.  

This type of architectural lighting is suitable where it is appropriate to emphasize the geometry or elements of the building. Linear luminaires are perfect for this purpose; 

  • Dynamic colored lighting.  

This is decorative (artistic) lighting of the facade of the building, which combines several effects at the same time:  

  • changing the intensity of the light flux;  

  • contrast; 

  • color.  

This effect is achieved through the use of various types of spotlights and lamps.

Why do you need facade lighting?

The architecture of each building is special and individual. And when the sun goes down, all the buildings become just shadows. Only silhouettes remain of their individuality and grandeur.

The bright appearance of the night city is created by the external lighting of buildings. It makes them bright and recognizable, allows you to distinguish a building from others, emphasize its individuality and style. In addition, a properly lit facade makes a building look very beautiful and adds prestige to it. From this we conclude that the exterior lighting of a building affects the brand and commercial success! 

Exterior lighting at home - how does it affect the brand?

Emphasized style and prestige is one of the keys to business success (or development), it is an investment in architectural facade lighting!  And while all the houses are faceless, you are shining!!

Question: Who can make the lighting of the house facade?

You might think it's easy: lay a wire, screw in a light bulb, and you're done! But no, it's a painstaking and responsible job. We, SPECTRSTORE, are a team of professionals who have been on the market for over 12 years. We know exactly how to bring any project to life, even with the most daring wishes.  We can do it!

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