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The sound system of the Holy Trinity Church was installed 10 years ago. There have been no malfunctions for so long, so we are confident that our equipment is of high quality!

How do we choose a sound system for churches?

The structure of the church itself is a good sound disperser. But churches that accommodate a lot of people need additional sound. For churches, we use column-type speaker systems, which are ideally suited for such tasks.
The number of speakers depends on the area. Additionally, we install a mixing console, sometimes 2, when the signal is not enough. We install Euroshine horn systems for outdoor public address.

Our installation department installs the sound system in the church in compliance with all technical standards and takes care of the aesthetic appearance – you will not notice any cables sticking out anywhere.

An improperly installed sound system creates interruptions in the sound, the words become unintelligible, and echoes are heard. If you have a problem with the sound system in your church, don’t hesitate to contact us! We guarantee uninterrupted operation of the acoustics in your church!

озвучення церкви
озвучення церкви
озвучення церкви озвучення церкви

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