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освітлення сцени
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освітлення сцени світло для банкетного залу світлове обладнання

Lighting design of the restaurant banquet hall

Stage lighting for a large banquet hall plays a big role. This is the place where special events such as weddings or anniversaries are held, where people gather to have fun and dance. Such halls should have a special atmosphere, and it can be created by the interior and lighting. You must admit that no one wants to dance on a huge dance floor that is illuminated only by a chandelier. For guests to relax, you need twilight and, of course, rays of light music that will add a playful mood.

SPECTRSTORE develops original solutions for lighting the stage of the restaurant’s banquet halls. Based on the interior of the establishment, the location of the dance floor and tables, we develop a stage lighting project. The lighting equipment should not cut the eyes of those who are just chatting at the banquet table. For those who are dancing, we need to take into account the distances so that the rays of moving heads do not blind. After calculating the distances, we formulate a solution and a commercial offer. When everything is agreed upon, a team of experienced electricians starts installing the lighting equipment. Installation work is carried out neatly, cable lines are laid so that guests do not touch them and are hidden as much as possible. Mostly, for the lighting design of the stage, it is necessary to install a truss on which the lighting equipment is attached. Upon completion of the work, we test and train the staff on how to turn on a particular mode and adjust the light music.

Light music is able to respond to sounds and automatically change effects according to the tempo of the music. But for special events, it is possible to create a light show by our specialists. To get a calculation for your restaurant and learn more about the “Stage lighting” service, go to the page: https://spectr-store.com.ua/poslugy/sczenichne-svitlo/

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