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Sound for the Spartak sports and entertainment center

The opening of the Spartak sports and entertainment center is a real event for Lviv residents and visitors. A large number of shops, cafes, places for recreation, entertainment and sports always means a lot of people and noise.
How do you make high-quality background sound for such a large room so that everyone feels comfortable? Sound and noise affect us more than we think. Scientists have proven that high noise levels can cause illness. A person feels comfortable at a sound level of 50 dB, and in a shopping mall this level can reach 90 dB. Much depends on the materials used for noise insulation and the like, but also on the quality of the acoustic systems. Before installing acoustics in a shopping mall or any other premises, we study it, take measurements and think through the details of how to place the speakers correctly. As for the quality, we are confident in our equipment, as it is time-tested.

The project of background sounding of the Spartak

We developed a project for the background sound of the Spartak Sports and Entertainment Center, dividing the premises into 5 zones:

For each zone, we took into account certain technical characteristics, such as coverage, distances, and noise levels.

We installed Euroshine broadcast speakers and power amplifiers throughout the center. To control the sound system in all zones, we installed FBT DMM8008 digital signal processor.

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