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Background acoustics for indoor use

We develop room sound projects, select equipment, install cable lines, and install speaker systems. Modern technical solutions to improve the atmosphere and provide high-quality sound. We will find a solution for everyone:

  • Acoustics for an establishment (cafe, restaurant)
  • Acoustic systems for large areas (shopping malls, stadiums)
  • Acoustics for office, conference room.
  • Church sound system
  • Broadcast announcements in schools, universities, institutions.

Turnkey sound system for premises

Evaluation of the premises

Project development

Selection of acoustics, switching and cost calculation

Installation works

We work without contractors throughout Ukraine. We are distributors of sound equipment that is always in stock. Our team consists of certified engineers and electricians. We will perform turnkey work with a quality guarantee.

Completed installation of acoustics

Euroshine acoustics for background sound in premises

We have been working with the Euroshine for 10 years. These are time-tested acoustic systems that serve for a long time and solve complex tasks in different premises.

Euroshine offers a wide range of loudspeakers for different applications:

  • special column speakers for churches
  • wall speakers for outdoor sounding of terraces
  • hanging speakers for shops
  • waterproof in-wall speakers for pool music
  • loudspeakers for outdoor use

Euroshine acoustics meet all international standards. The speakers are IP65 or IP67 rated, which makes them resistant to water and other substances. Columns are working in all weather conditions.

Background acoustic – is a small speakers that fit into any interior, and if they are in-wall speakers, they are completely invisible. They only create a pleasant background and, as a rule, this is enough for most rooms. Background speakers are a popular option for cafe speakers. For the most demanding, we have various equipment options – both suspended speakers and loudspeakers, which is original for a stylish cafe. We select acoustics for cafes in such a way that both the sound and the look are excellent. Acoustics for a cafe, restaurant or shop is an important element that will allow visitors to enjoy music rather than extraneous conversations.

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