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Lighting of the house facade

Turnkey street lightning at home – from a 3D project with an original lighting design to installation work. We carry out street lighting for private houses and residential complexes.

Entrust  the exterior lighting of your dream home to professionals, because the project will be worked on by a whole team: a project manager, a lighting designer, an engineer and a team of qualified installers.

Outdoor lighting for the house includes

Measurements, taking into account the wishes of the customer

Creating a 3D project for home lighting

Production of street lamps for the house

Installation work

SPECTRSTORE offers you not just the installation of ordinary lanterns, but a comprehensive approach to lighting the facade of a building. Thanks to 10 years of experience in architectural lighting, we carry out diverse projects of any complexity. An individual approach to projects allows us to solve the customer’s tasks related not only to lighting, but also to attracting the attention of passers-by to the lighting design of the building. For residential complexes, this is like another marketing ploy.

By ordering our facade lighting, you will receive

освітлення фасаду

Non-standard facade lighting

фасадне освітлення

High-quality installation without unnecessary wires


Economical lamps (1 diode consumes 3 W, while a conventional lamp consumes 60 W)

фасадне освітлення

Comprehensive approach, without contractors

The 3D project fully reflects the object in reality, so even at the beginning of the work, you can evaluate the look and make adjustments. Our own street lamps have a service life of 15 years or more if used properly. Each LED lamp is individually made to order with a specific light scattering angle and shade. Floodlights for outdoor lighting at home will not spoil the appearance of the facade, because they are completely invisible. LED street lighting fixtures are resistant to all weather conditions, both rain and severe frost. We are convinced of this, because this is confirmed by satisfied customers whose houses have been decorated with our street lighting for a decade.


"We have completed the lighting of one object, it turned out incredibly beautiful! I definitely recommend it, the service is good."
"Respect ✊ for the professionalism in work and efficiency in fulfilling the order, and most importantly for the incredibly cool result! Well done!!! RECOMMEND"

LED lighting for buildings is one of the areas of exterior design. To create a project, we take into account the peculiarities of the facade and emphasize its shapes and details. We try to change the perception of the house during the day from the night, while not disturbing the harmony of the architecture. A private house should be cozy in all aspects, even in the evening, when you sit on the terrace and see not a black spot, but incredible LED lighting of the house. A lighting designer will be able to make your wishes come true, select the right angles and colors to make your home even more comfortable. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a wooden log house or a hut with interesting stucco molding, the lighting will look beautiful.

Request a free consultation and calculation of street lighting for a private or residential building on the website. We will be happy to answer your questions and get to work!

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