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New Year's house lighting

Lighting of a house, restaurant, hotel or street according to a developed project for the New Year.

We offer not just the installation of garlands, but the combination of architectural lighting with festive lighting. LED lamps and professional house lighting garlands to decorate your holiday!

How the New Year's lighting of houses and other buildings works

Measuring the building, agreeing on the type of garlands and customer's wishes

Development of a 3D building project

Production of LED lamps and garlands

Installation work

We offer a comprehensive approach where you don’t have to worry about buying high-quality garlands and how to install them on the roof – we will do it all for you. You will get festive lighting at home, professional garlands that are resistant to frost and will last for more than 1 year, a decorated landscape, and high-quality installation without unnecessary wires and with easy operation.

Types of garlands

Garlands are available in 3 colors: warm white, cool white and blue

гірлянда на дерево

Garland cord

Used for wrapping trees, as well as a roof or window border.

новорічне освітлення будинків

Fringe garland

There are 2 variants of fringe: 10cm and 15cm.

новорічне освітлення

Garland curtain


Retro garlands

The price is calculated individually and depends on the type of garlands, the number of lamps and the complexity of the installation work!

New Year’s and Christmas lighting should be ordered in advance, as garlands are made to order. In general, the project takes approximately 1 week to complete.

New Year’s decorations will create a festive mood in your home or business, add coziness and become a great winter photo zone. We do our work efficiently and quickly, taking into account all your wishes. Book a free consultation on the website and get answers to your questions and a calculation in the near future.

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