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Outdoor lighting for hotels

For hotels, more than for anyone else, the appearance is important to attract visitors at any time of the day. Lighting for the facade of a hotel, restaurant, or cafe – from 3D visualization to installation.

Hotel lighting includes

Measurements of the building, determination of connection points

3D visualization of lighting

Own production of lanterns with the desired light expansion angle

Cable installation, installation of lanterns, connection


"Thank you for your good work and quality performance. Now the night Ramada Lviv is beautiful both day and night!"
"Thank you SpectrStore for the wonderful architectural lighting! Now not only the facade but also the landscape around us is decorated! :)"
Edem Resort Medical&SPA
"Cooperation with SpectrStore is one of those solutions that are called the best! The company is engaged in lighting all the facades and sculptures in the Edem Country. We are 199% satisfied with their work. Now the Edem Country is fantastic not only during the daytime, but also at night! The facades and sculptures are transformed at night, get a new life with the RIGHT lighting. We and our guests enjoy evening walks, and excursions in the First Sculpture Park in Ukraine - PARK3020 - will now be held in the evening, because the magic of light conveys an incredible creative atmosphere! We are glad that we contacted the right company SpectrStore, because we could not have achieved such a result on our own! The high level of service and pleasant communication with SpectrStore people is a separate pleasant bonus! We appreciate our cooperation, friendship and the fact that we can trust you 100%. Recommend!"

Hotel facade lighting

Hotel facade lighting is not just a lantern that illuminates the territory. This is one of the areas in interior and exterior design called lighting design. It includes both basic design knowledge and the technical side. Specialists in this field should have a good understanding of the rules of lighting and how it affects the appearance of the facade: what colors to choose, what shadows should be created, how to expand or narrow the space. Facade lighting should attract attention, but at the same time be harmoniously combined with the features of the building. In addition, electrical work is important: how to lay the cable so that the connection is easy and economical.

Since 2007, SPECTRSTORE has been implementing turnkey facade lighting projects. We have our own team of lighting designers, designers, and experienced electricians who know how to create something incredible even in difficult conditions. The 3D project fully reflects the structure in reality, which allows you to make adjustments before starting work. Our LED lights are made to order for each project individually in a specific color and with the desired beam angle. Installation work can be carried out all year round and at any height. With us you get:

  • Non-standard facade lighting;
  • Economical lamps (1 diode consumes 3 W);
  • High-quality installation without unnecessary wires;
  • Comprehensive approach, without contractors.

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