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Outdoor lighting for restaurants

Restaurant lightning, like haute cuisine, is a separate art form! In a restaurant, the atmosphere in the room is important, as well as the atmosphere of serving dishes. Our team of professionals will create the mood of your restaurant.

Lighting of the restaurant facade includes

Measurements, taking into account the customer's wishes

Creating a 3D restaurant lighting project

Production of street lamps for a restaurant

Installation work

After all, properly selected restaurant lighting creates the atmosphere you want to come back to. LED restaurant lighting will light up the crystal with bright colors and give an unsurpassed holiday atmosphere!

The lightning in the restaurant that we made contributes to:  

  • increase in customers; 
  • reduction of electricity consumption; 
  • individuality of solutions;  
  • recognizability and memorability of the interior.

By ordering our facade lighting, you will receive

освітлення фасаду

Non-standard facade lighting

фасадне освітлення

High-quality installation without unnecessary wires


Economical lamps (1 diode consumes 3 W, while a conventional lamp consumes 60 W)

фасадне освітлення

An integrated approach, without contractors


"We have completed the lighting of one object, it turned out incredibly beautiful! I definitely recommend it, the service is good."
"Respect ✊ for the professionalism in work and efficiency in fulfilling the order, and most importantly for the incredibly cool result! Well done!!! RECOMMEND"

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