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Building facade lighting

Architectural lighting in Lviv or other cities? It doesn’t matter, because we already provide turnkey services – from 3D visualization to installation of street lighting. You will get not only a beautiful appearance, but also high-quality energy-saving LED lights. LED facade lighting is what will make your building special!

освітлення фасаду будинку
Outdor lightning for hotel and restaurant complexes

освітлення фасаду будинку
Illumination of private houses and residential complexes
підсвітка церкви
Illumination of churches and architectural monuments
освітлення фасадів
Lightning in a cafe

освітлення фасадів
Lightning in a restaurant 
освітлення будинку на новий рік
New Year’s lightning

Stages of work on facade lighting

Study and measurements of the building

Creating a 3D layout of the building lighting

Production of LED lights

Installation works

We will take into account your wishes, architectural features of the facade, the level of illumination of the street and perform facade lighting in a short time. We can perform the installation at any height. Our electricians are certified professionals with all the necessary permits, so the quality of the facade lighting installation is guaranteed.

LED lights are manufactured individually for your facility with the required light angle, color and power. LED lamps have an IP65 enclosure protection rating in accordance with international standards, which prevents the penetration of substances and water. Therefore, LED lights adapt to any weather conditions and serve for about 10 years. 1 50W diode consumes only 3W, while a conventional lamp consumes 60W.

We provide architectural lighting in Lviv and throughout Ukraine.

Completed works on facade lighting

Advantages of architectural LED lighting

Aesthetic appearance

Attractiveness for visitors and tourists

Service life of more than 10 years

Energy efficiency (1 50W diode consumes 3W)

Power supply from 24V

3D project is 95% true to reality

You will get not only a facade flooded with light, but also spot lighting that will emphasize the architectural solutions on the facade and create a unique visual image of the building. We have hundreds of projects to our credit: architectural lighting for hotels in Lviv – Rafael, Ramada, Edem Resort Medical & SPA, lighting for the Lviv Opera House, lighting for the National Residential Complex. In addition to facade lighting, we offer landscape lighting for the territory.

Architectural facade lighting is a new art form that combines architecture, designer’s vision, lighting design, engineering and human psychological perception. Our company does not just install lighting, but takes care of the appearance. We try to highlight every detail of the building and change its perception at night. We treat our architectural lighting work very responsibly and meticulously. In Lviv, we often work with buildings that belong to the cultural heritage, so we know exactly how to install lighting without damaging the facade. We have extensive experience in facade lighting. We employ qualified lighting designers, engineers and installers who carry out the most complex projects.

Our approach to work is special and original. You will receive not just the installation of lanterns, but a comprehensive solution for architectural lighting of the facade.

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