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Stage light

An integrated approach to stage and hall lighting

Development of a stage/hall lighting project

Selection of lighting equipment

Creating a light show

Installation of stage light

We form a set of lighting equipment according to the task and budget. We use only professional equipment for discos, banquet halls, large and small stages from the AIWEIDY brand. The set of lighting equipment may include:

  • LED pairs or spotlights (Led pairs)
  • moving heads such as Beam, Spot, Wash
  • 3in1 moving heads

We work without contractors, we are distributors of Aiweidy stage lights, so we always have the equipment in stock. You can buy equipment in retail or wholesale. Browse our catalog by clicking the button below.

Theater light

Lighting for theater is a separate type of stage light that is designed specifically to illuminate the theater stage due to certain features

Theater light is used to create special effects, transitions, animations, and accents. The wide functionality of tracking and profile spotlights is ideal for theatrical performances. And thanks to diodes, the equipment does not require cooling and is therefore silent. Browse the catalog of Ovation theater lights by clicking the button below.

Features of theater lighting

  • noiselessness;
  • zoom (zoom angle 19-60°)
  • different light temperature;
  • focus;
  • availability of knives for creating the desired shapes;
  • color rendering index = 97;
  • low flicker frequency (ideal for filming).

Lighting equipment for theater is easy to use, can be controlled remotely, and is easily portable.

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